Work Package B4: Scoping/development of a proposed CO2GeoLab


This work package aims to examine the feasibility of developing a pilot-scale CO2 injection test site in the UK. Many other countries have developed their own CO2 injection test facilities (e.g. Germany, Spain, United States, Australia, Canada etc) and we believe that it would be beneficial for the UK to have its own as well. This would comprise a research facility to test typical UK storage reservoir rocks with experiments focussed on particular uncertainties in UK underground storage, and to develop a core of practical storage expertise in UK scientists. Ideally the research site would be situated in an area where CO2 is already available from industrial sources and where the potential for future larger-scale offshore storage is present.


Work Package B4 Scoping/development of a proposed CO2GeoLab Onshore CO2 injection labs act as locations to calibrate injection mode, or test new equipment. The UK has no CO2 facility. A UKCCSRC scoping study has provisionally identified the Ellesmere Port area as having viable subsurface geology for an onshore deep injection pilot project. The area offers local sources of CO2, topside facilities and a possible synergy with the NERC ESIOS subsurface monitoring project. Further characterisation of the subsurface geology will model a range of dynamic flow modelling scenarios in order to establish potential experimental configurations. It is intended that this will contribute to an application to RCUK STFC for a UK pilot injection site.


Michelle Bentham

Andy Chadwick

Stuart Gilfillan

Stuart Haszeldine

Gareth Johnson

Hayley Vosper