Work Package A2b: Pilot Testing


This work package will investigate the use of CO2 capture and oxygen carrying materials within Cranfield's state-of-the-art pilot plant PACT facilities. These materials will be manufactured at the kilogram scale in collaboration with our work package partners. We are aiming to study the structural properties of the particles and look at their particle breakage mechanisms when fluidised under realistic operating conditions.


Cranfield University will use its extensive pilot plant facilities to demonstrate the use of unconventional sorbents and oxygen carriers, including chemical looping materials developed in WP A1b (though not pressurised in this work). Systems to be tested will include pelletised sorbents and carriers using CaO and other binders. These sorbents and carriers will be manufactured at CrU at the kg level to permit them to be used in more realistic tests of novel high temperature cycles. The facilities available include the 50 kW CLC facility, and the 20 kW Ca Looping rig, as well as a series of smaller scale test facilities. Carriers investigated will include those for oxy-uncoupling as well as for CO2 capture with biomass in BECCS configurations.


Ben Anthony