What We Do

Grow and support the UK CCS community

With a membership of 1,400, and two conferences a year, we bring together the community to aid collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The UKCCSRC brings together world-class CCS academics to provide a national focal point for CCS research and development. The Centre is a network where academics, industry, regulators and others in the sector collaborate to analyse problems, devise and carry out world-leading research and share delivery.

We organise two conferences per year and ad hoc workshops as required. Our events aim to increase knowledge sharing and collaborative activity between academics, industry and government both nationally and internationally. See materials from our events here, and check our events calendar here for details of our own and external events.

Our spring “Network Conference” is devoted to bringing together a variety of CCS stakeholders to discuss progress, projects and policy. Our autumn “Programme Conference” is a technical meeting devoted the UKCCSRC core research programme, and wider research in the UK.

“I find UKCCSRC events are extremely well organised and productive, providing me with the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in CCS and to cement links for collaborative research proposals. I strongly believe that the continuity of these events is more important than ever, not in the least to ensure that CCS is kept in the spot light given its enormous and undisputed importance as a key strategy for reducing global warming.”
Prof Haroun Mahgerefteh, University College London

You can join our network by becoming a member of the UKCCSRC.

Collaborate internationally

From its inception, the UKCCSRC has been forging strong international links with other CCS organisations, researchers, implementers, regulators, and policy makers worldwide.

The Centre recognises the importance of overseas collaboration to share the cost and risk of research, and to gain access to facilities that may not be available in the UK. International collaboration also provides personal development opportunities for members, through participation in overseas activities, at all stages of career development.

We hold six memorandums of understanding (MOU) with CCS organisations in Australia, Canada, China, Netherlands, South Korea and USA. The MOUs mark a commitment between two organisations to work together to explore and advance CCS technologies.

Work with industry

We take guidance from our Advisory Council

Our management team works alongside an Advisory Council to help link academic researchers working on the underpinning science base for CCS with both practitioners in the field and researchers across the wide range of related disciplines that all contribute to delivering net zero, develop a shared vision for effective industrial engagement, forward planning and delivery mechanisms. The Advisory Council brings together representatives from academic hubs, industry and trade associations, policymakers and additional stakeholders with relevant experience and roles to work with the UKCCSRC programme and align the strategic direction of the Centre to meet different stakeholder requirements, as well as playing a key role in deciding the scope and allocation of flexible funding calls. Advisory Council membership is comprised of over twenty highly regarded individuals from CCS stakeholder groups and related industrial organisations.

We facilitate joint industry and academic workshops

The UKCCSRC hosts workshops to enable collaboration/ideas sharing with industrial stakeholders on specific topics. The workshops often produce recommendations for CCS research and development or policy decisions. In particular, we run our ‘research needs’ workshops as an opportunity for industry, policy and regulators to put forward their views on how and where research can help maximise deployment opportunities via technology refinement and cost reductions. These workshops are intended to inform the scope of our flexible funding rounds.

Please check our events page for our upcoming activities.

Engage and inform external stakeholders

The UKCCSRC acts as a focal point for CCS in the UK, meaning it is in a position to have high-level strategic conversations with funders, regulators and industry on behalf of the community.

Members of the UKCCSRC Management Team regularly participate in government and other committees, evidentiary enquiries and working groups. Most recently our management team have been active in the BEIS CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce, CCUS Council and Mission Innovation. We’ve contributed to a BAT Review for CCS-related technologies, feeding into the Environment Agency’s BAT guidance.  Keep an eye on our news page for details of any policy, funder and regulator developments.

We also recognise the importance of the general public in the road to CCS deployment. Our core research will work with key stakeholders (e.g. government, industry, NGOs and the public) to better understand the key issues and identify priorities in establishing CCS within the energy system, and to help build the necessary foundations to establish a social licence to operate CCS in the UK.

In addition, we also run events for government, funders and regulators. Our CPD-style seminars, CCUS for Net Zero, were run exclusively for government/regulator employees and our ECR members, for those people who might be newer to working in CCS policy, or keen to familiarise themselves with a different area of research. The workshop resource page features recordings as well as presentation slides on a range of topics.

Support the decarbonisation of the UK

Since early 2016 the UKCCSRC has been holding a series of regional and national meetings attended by private sector companies, public sector bodies and UK researchers to identify and address actions that need to be taken in order to deliver a CCS based decarbonisation option for the UK.

Make research freely available

Our ethos is to make research outputs freely available for the long term.

The UKCCSRC Data and Information Archive holds data and other outputs generated by UKCCSRC and EPSRC funded CCS research projects and other CCS projects with UK involvement, and makes accessible to everyone.

You can find the data archive in the resources section of this website along with presentations, posters, reports and other items of interest to the CCS community.

We make available all resources connected to both our core research programme and our flexible funded projects, too. This includes presentations slides and recordings from our events (where we have permission to share), as well as blog reports and any publications. See our core research themes and work packages here, and our flexible funding, segmented by year, here.

Also, with thanks to Bechtel, we’ve also made available the FEED study documents from the Kårstø CCS project originally planned by Gassnova in Norway. See the Kårstø open access page here.

“This is part of a broader movement to make research more widely available, making the research process more robust by enabling validation of results and maximising the value obtained from publicly funded information.”
Mary Mowat, UKCCSRC Data Archivist, British Geological Survey