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Our ongoing web series returned in November 2021 with a special double bill to celebrate COP26.  It is continuing as a monthly programme of online events featuring workshops and lectures from key figures in CCS.

All events are free to attend and you don’t need to be a member to access them. Register here.

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Date & timeSessionSpeaker
Wednesday 3rd November
Compensating for Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Importance of PermanenceProf Niall Mac Dowell, Prof Stuart Haszeldine and Prof Jon Gibbins

Chaired by Dr Jen Roberts

Thursday 4th November
Hydrogen Production with Carbon Capture and Storage, with IMechE


Christian Bauer, Sean McCoy, Stephen Florence and Jane Durling

Chaired by Prof Jon Gibbins

Tuesday 16th November
Poster Presentations:

Poster presentations from 22 members of the UKCCSRC community

Updated agenda: Click here for further details

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Wednesday 1st December
UK Track 1 Cluster CO2 transport and storage plansDr Bryony Livesey, Ben Kek and Martin Currie

Chaired by Dr Clair Gough

Tuesday 8th February
CCUS in China and USA


Prof Xi Liang (UCL and Deputy Director for China’s CCUS Committee) and Dr Rudra Kapila (Third Way)
Chaired by Prof Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC Director
Wednesday 2nd March
Results from CO2 injection into underground laboratoriesDr Stuart Gilfillan, Dr Max Watson, Prof Auli Niemi and Dr Jac Bensabat
Chaired by Prof Stuart Haszeldine
Thursday 31st March
The intersection of energy security and climate policySamantha Gross, Dr Chi Kong Chyong and Dr Emily Cox
Chaired by Dr David Reiner
Thursday 9th June


CCS skills and jobs for a just transitionDr Pauline Anderson, Olivia Powis, Felicity Morris and Dr Leslie Mabon

Chaired by Dr Jen Roberts

Tuesday 28th June


The role of CCS in Transforming Foundation Industries co-hosted with TFI Network+


Dr Bruce Adderley, Prof Paul Fennell, Dr Douglas Barnes, James Watt and Dr Mathew Wilkes

Chaired by Dr Kyra Sedransk Campbell

Thursday 6th October


Track 1 CCS Project Showcase


Asbjørn Haugsgjerd (Hydrogen to Humber (H2H) Saltend), David Walker (HyNet Hydrogen Production Project (HPP)), and Iain Walpole (Hanson Padeswood Cement Works CCS project)

Chaired by Prof Jon Gibbins

POSTPONED – Wednesday 2nd NovemberThe challenges of implementing blue hydrogen


Speakers tbc

Chaired by Prof Richard Marsh

Thursday 8th December


IDRIC social sciences projects, co-hosted with IDRIC


Benjamin Sovacool, Marc Hudson, Huei-Ling Lai (Lynn) and Patrick Devine-Wright

Chaired by Dr Clair Gough


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Check below for recordings of recent lectures and presentation slides.


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Presentation slides

Presentations from our regular web events can be found below (where we have permission to share them). Click on the tile to see each presentation’s slides.


November 3rd 2021 - Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh

Permanence in CO2 storage - What is a long time, and why does it matter when compensating for GHG emissions?


November 4th 2021 - Christian Bauer, Paul Scherrer Institute

Greenhouse gas footprint of hydrogen production


November 4th 2021 - Sean McCoy, University of Calgary

The Evolving Hydrogen Landscape in Canada & Alberta


November 4th 2021 - Stephen Florence, AECOM

Hydrogen from Biomass


November 4th 2021 - Jane Durling, Environment Agency

Best Available Techniques for ‘Blue’ Hydrogen Production with Carbon Capture and Storage


December 1st 2021 - Ben Kek, Net Zero Teesside

East Coast Cluster


December 1st 2021 - Bryony Livesey, UKRI

Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge


December 1st 2021 - Martin Currie, Eni UK

HyNet NW - Cluster CO2 Transport and Storage


February 8th - Xi Liang, UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre

Recent Progress of CCUS in China


February 8th 2022 - Rudra Kapila, Third Way

US CCUS Policy: An Update from Washington DC


March 2nd 2022 - Max Watson, C02CRC

Otway Stage 3 - Initial results


March 2nd 2022 - Stuart Gilfillan, University of Edinburgh

Determining the geochemical baseline for CO2 monitoring at Carbon Management Canada's Field Research Station


March 2nd 2022 - , Jacob Bensabat, EWRE

Characterisation, monitoring and field experiments of an injection site - the Heletz case, Israel


March 2nd 2022 - Auli Niemi, Uppsala University

Heletz residual trapping experiments - results and implications


March 31st 2022 - Dr Emily Cox, University of Oxford/Cardiff

Energy security in ``interesting times``


March 31st 2022 - Dr Chi Kong Chyong, University of Cambridge

Energy security and net zero


June 9th 2022 - Pauline Anderson, University of Strathclyde

CCS skills, jobs and the just transition


June 9th 2022 - Olivia Powis, CCSA

Skills and supply chain for CCS scale up


June 9th 2022 - Felicity Morris, BP

Embedding just transition principles and supporting skills development


June 9th 2022 - Leslie Mabon, The Open University

Local contextual factors: community considerations for a just transition


June 28th 2022 - Kyra Sedransk Campbell, UKCCSRC

Overview of UKCCSRC and TFI Network+


June 28th 2022 - Bruce Adderley, UKRI

Transforming Foundation Industries Interventions


June 28th 2022 - Paul Fennell, Imperial College London

Overall decarbonisation


June 28th 2022 - James Watt, WSP

The ``stranded asset`` problem


June 28th 2022 - Mathew D Wilkes, University of Sheffield

Decarbonising energy for industrial use


June 28th 2022 - Douglas Barnes, C-Capture

The role of SMEs & start-ups in industrial decarbonisation


Posters from our poster session on 16th November 2021 can be found below (where we have permission to share them). Click on the tile to see an enlarged version of each poster.