UKCCSRC comments on the CCC’s 6th Carbon Budget

The UKCCSRC welcomes the urgency given by the Committee on Climate Change to the deployment of a wide range of CCS applications. The 6th Carbon Budget Report sets challenging carbon dioxide reduction targets for the UK and these translate into challenging innovation developments required from UK CCS researchers and industries. But this clear and comprehensive analysis of the many ways in which CCS, including for removal of CO2 from the air, is essential to deliver net zero by 2050 is also something that is almost unique to the UK, largely due to the analytical and independent approach of the Committee. With the growing UK Government policy support for CCS deployment, coupled with our world-class scientific, engineering and financial sectors, there is now an opportunity for the UK both to deliver on CCS, to help meet our own climate targets and build a new net zero economy, and also to enable the world to rapidly adopt the full range of essential net zero technologies, including the multiple CCS applications that we will be developing and deploying.

– Prof Jon Gibbins, Director of UKCCSRC

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