UK CCS projects

Project overview Measurement and monitoring of CO2 flows across the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) chain are essential to ensure accurate accounting of captured CO2 and help prevent leaking during
Large reserves of shale gas and unconventional gases worldwide will ensure that hydrogen remains produced mainly via the catalytic steam reforming process (C-SR) for the next few decades. In conventional
For a wide adoption of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, it is essential to provide a commercial operator with a reassurance of the predictability of their proposed site
Project overview We combine pore scale digital rock physics, reservoir condition special core analysis, and reservoir simulation to evaluate the performance of CO2 storage for the major target storage regions
Calcium looping shows significant promise for CO2 capture. The process can lead to an energy penalty as low as 6 – 8 % including the compression of the lean CO2 stream,
Monitoring the composition of mixtures which are of relevance to Carbon Capture and Storage pipelines is of high importance for the safe transportation of CO2 during the CCS process. Captured
Project overview Captured carbon dioxide(CO2) from CCS operations needs to be transported to the storage location. Metering of the flow could be challenging due to the presence of impurities as
This project focuses on enhancing the flexibility of amine based post-combustion capture systems1.To evaluate the flexible operation capabilities of current post-combustion CCS plant designs via dynamic scenario testing at pilot
Project overview Oxy-fuel (coal or biomass) combustion significantly changes the heat transfer properties of power plant furnaces. Thus future power plants using oxy-fuel technology will rely greatly on computational modelling.
Project Overview Pipelines are acknowledged as one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for transporting large volumes of various fluids over long distances and therefore the majority of proposed