UK Greenhouse Gas Removal Research Programme – policy briefs now available

After five years of research activity, the UK Greenhouse Gas Removal Research Programme has now come to an end and published a series of policy briefs disseminating its findings and insights.

As highlighted in the UK Climate Change Committee’s recent report to parliament, further action is needed for the UK to meet its net zero ambitions, and greenhouse gas removal is seen by many as an important aspect of such action. The UK Greenhouse Gas Removal Research programme was launched in 2017, co-supported by three research councils and the UK Government. It brought together a wide range of partners and collaborators to address some of the main uncertainties surrounding the use of greenhouse gas removal to meet climate change targets.

The documents summarise the results from some of the individual projects and present future recommendations, as well as suggested areas of inquiry for the next generation of research projects and demonstrators.

Policy briefs are available in the following areas:

The next stage of research into GGR has already started with the launch of the GGR Demonstrators (GGR-D) Programme in 2022, which is coordinated by the Greenhouse Gas Removal hub (CO2RE)

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