Pourkashanian, Mohamed

Mohamed Pourkashanian is the Head of the Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield, the Managing Director of the Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC), Sustainable Aviation Fuels Innovation Centre (SAF-IC) and the General Secretary of International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF). As a Professor of Energy Engineering, he has completed numerous major research projects on clean energy technology and has received substantial grants from partners such as BEIS, EU, NATO, industrial partners and UKRI-EPSRC. He is a member of several international and national scientific bodies e.g., member of the ISCF-Industrial Decarbonisation Advisory Group, and Chair of the International Test Centre Network (ITCN). He led the establishment of the PACT and TERC national facilities in 2012 and 2019. He has published more than 491 refereed research papers and co-authored four books.At the Translational Energy Research Centre – where we also fund ECR TERC training – Professor Pourkashanian provides expert academic, strategic and operational leadership to the project and its team members, directly contributing to all ongoing activity.See Mohamed’s related research project pages:

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