Mahgerefteh, Haroun

Haroun Mahgerefteh FIChemE, is senior Professor of Chemical Engineering at UCL. His work in CCUS (total funding over €20 m)  includes coordinating the three EC FP7 and H2020 projects, CO2PipeHaz, CO2QUEST and C4U involving collaboration between academic and industry partners across Europe, China, Canada and USA.

Haroun is also key partner in the Horizon Europe Projects, CaLby2020 (Decarbonising industrial processes with Calcium Looping) and ENCASE (A European Network of Research Infrastructures for CO2 Transport and Injection).

Haroun is an elected  committee member, leading the Transport Infrastructure Task Group of the Carbon Utilization Infrastructure and Infrastructure Markets study report mandated by the U.S  Congress. The two part report administered by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences is intended to inform U.S. Department of Energy and private sector $multi-billion investments in research, demonstration and deployment for Carbon Utilization Infrastructure.

Haroun is one of the two lead authors of the European Zero Emission Platform (ZEP) report titled ‘A Trans-European CO2 Transportation Infrastructure for CCUS: Opportunities & Challenges’. The report, aims to facilitate the development of an extensive pipeline and ship infrastructure for transporting several Mt/yr of CO2 captured from major regional industrial emitters for permanent offshore geological storage, considered as a key enabler for meeting Net Zero emission target by 2030.

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