Nabavi, Ali

Dr Nabavi is a Senior Lecturer of Energy Systems, based at Centre for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy. He is Director of Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc Course, and leads the Thematic Doctoral Network for Energy and Sustainability and Cranfield Thermochemical Processes (TCP) Research Cluster. He is an expert in multiphase transport and interfacial engineering, in which he combines experimental and computational approaches to develop innovative solutions to advance low-carbon energy systems. A major focus of his research group is on carbon capture utilisation & storage (CCUS), Including formulation, synthesis, characterisation, bench-to-pilot scale testing, and process intensification of carbon capture materials and processes for industrial carbon dioxide removal, biogas upgrading, hydrogen purification, direct air capture, as well as production and conversion of sustainable fuels. He has successfully led the delivery of commercial and research projects in clean and sustainable energy systems, including sorbent developments for separation and purification, novel concept prototyping, technology assessment, and computational modelling.

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