MacKenzie, Klim

Klim MacKenzie is an Associate Director with AECOM’s Renewables and Energy Transition business. He holds Chartered Chemical Engineer status with the IChemE and an MEng in Chemical Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. Klim’s background is in petroleum refining, gas sweetening and power generation. At AECOM, he leads multi-discipline design teams across multiple projects developing both carbon capture and low-carbon hydrogen production in the UK and abroad.  His specialisms include process simulation, process design and process control.

Klim is particularly interested in the response of carbon capture facilities during transient conditions, as well as the development of long-term data for solvent-based capture degradation processes. Recent work includes multiple studies for private and public sector clients such as BEIS – see ‘Start-up and shut-down times of power CCUS facilities‘ or ‘Review of Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology for Industry, Waste and Power‘.

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