Marek, Ewa

Dr Ewa Marek is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Jesus College. Before that, for five years, she was a post-doctoral associate in the Engineering Department, also in Cambridge. She worked for six years on industrial R&D and advanced measurement methods in Nottingham (UK), Petten (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland). She studied energy and chemical processing (BEng, MSc) in Cracow and carbon capture processes (PhD) in Katowice (both in Poland).

Ewa leads the Energy Carriers and Reactions (ERC) group, working on sustainable and renewable ways to generate heat, power, and chemicals. She uses her expertise in power and chemical sectors to forge the pathways towards the 2050 net-zero future, occasionally branching into developing new medical technologies (distributed disinfectants for high-quality sterilisation, and oxygen generation). In her work, Ewa combines experimental and modelling research, using methodologies and insights from material sciences, chemistry, fluid mechanics, catalysis, thermodynamics, and probably a few more.

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