Hosking, Lee

Dr Lee Hosking is a Lecturer in Geo-energy Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Brunel University London. His research focuses on computational modelling of deep subsurface environments with attention to coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical (THM) phenomena, accurate and efficient fracture network representation, and damage evolution. For over 10 years, the main practical application of his research has been geological CO₂ storage with respect to storage capacity, injectivity, and migration/confinement, but he has also worked on geothermal energy systems and radioactive waste disposal. Lee’s current research projects, funded by The Royal Society and EPSRC (Horizon Europe underwrite), are investigating the prediction and management of fluid injection-induced seismicity, as well as the development of novel cementitious materials. These projects are being delivered alongside national and international partners from academia and industry. Before joining Brunel in 2020, Lee was a postdoctoral researcher at the Geoenvironmental Research Centre, Cardiff University, where he led the CO₂ sequestration work package of the FLEXIS energy systems research project. He received his PhD from Cardiff University in 2014 for research on coupled THM behaviour during CO₂ injection in coal, having graduated with an MEng Civil Engineering, also from Cardiff University.

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