Hanak, Dawid

Dawid Hanak is Professor of Decarbonisation of Industrial Clusters at the Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre, Teesside University. He has over 11 years of experience in process design, techno-economic, and life-cycle assessment of sustainable engineering processes. He led the successful delivery of research and commercial projects in industrial decarbonisation that has attracted over £4m of external funding. These projects developed carbonate looping technology for low-carbon power generation systems and industrial processes. He currently leads feasibility assessments for retrofitting carbon capture and utilisation (amine scrubbing, carbonate looping) to a waste-to-energy plant and a mycoprotein manufacturing plant, funded by IDRIC and UKCCSRC. He is also the UK representative member of the management committee and the leader of a working group on training, dissemination, and engagement for TRANSMIT Action on Techno-Economic Analysis of Carbon Mitigation Technologies. He also provided expert advice to businesses, think-tanks, and public bodies, including the IEAGHG and the GESEDA.

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