Gilfillan, Stuart

Stuart Gilfillan is a Reader in Geochemistry in the School of GeoSciences, at the University of Edinburgh. He was educated in Earth Science at the University of Glasgow (BSc) and Geology at the University of Manchester (PhD), and has 16 years’ of post-PhD experience of innovative geochemical research in CO2 storage for CCS. This research has developed a means of fingerprinting carbon dioxide in order to track its movement and means of storage in subsurface reservoirs, as part of efforts to develop carbon capture and storage technologies. More recently, he has applied his expertise to the emerging GeoEnergy sector through novel monitoring of unconventional gas extraction, geothermal energy, CO2 contamination in, and connectivity of, hydrocarbon fields. He has a keen interest in all areas of utilising the subsurface for energy production or storage, and he is currently Deputy Programme Director for the GeoEnergy MSc course at Edinburgh, which he co-developed.

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