Macfadyen, Niall

Niall is based in the Cheshire West and Chester local authority region, home of the Hynet project and 5% of UK emissions.  Cheshire also has the highest density of cows and cow related emissions and waste of any county in England. In addition to Hynet, the Hamilton field (for CCS) and the salt deposits (for storage), the region has been the site of a low carbon industrial cluster for almost 1000 years, since the Norman invasion and the construction of a weir on the River Dee.  Niall is a Speaker for Greenpeace and a member of the Cheshire West and Chester Climate Emergency Task Force.  His background is in the data communications industry.  Current interests are in educating the public about solutions to climate change and decarbonising agriculture, including co-locating greenhouses and industry along with vertical farming, for a CCUS based circular food and energy economy.  The CCC says that 75% of the population are worried about climate change but do not understand what causes it and do not realise that there are engineering solutions available to fix it.

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