Sedransk Campbell, Kyra

Dr Kyra Sedransk Campbell is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. She is co-inventor of the Oxidative Ionothermal Synthesis (OIS) method, and a co-founder of Nanomox Ltd. Her research is at the interface of chemical engineering, chemistry, and materials science; she uses fundamental research, including developing new technologies and techniques, to inform important issues around sustainability. In the area of carbon capture, she has been significant in understanding the corrosion challenges that plague the existing technologies to make the infrastructure safer and less susceptible to corrosion. She is a member and the lead of the EDI working group for the ISCF TFI Future Leaders Group, on the EDI committee for the TransFire project, on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the TFI Network+, and serves as EDI lead for the CCS Network+. She is engaged in working towards improving EDI in manufacturing, as a pathway to make it more appealing, and therefore sustainable in the UK, as a career.

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