Finney, Karen

Karen is a senior research fellow at the University of Sheffield in the University Energy Institute, with expertise in the thermal treatments (combustion, gasification and pyrolysis) of fossil fuels, biomass and waste; carbon capture; pollutant monitoring; gas turbines; and combined heat and power. At the national ERDF-funded Translational Energy Research Centre (where we fund ECR TERC training), she is the theme manager for sustainable and low-carbon energy; here, she is the academic operator for the gas turbines, biomass gasifier, biodiesel engine and the metal emissions monitoring laboratory. She has been part of various consortia to be awarded research funding, totalling ~£20m. Karen is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Energy Institute, an invited committee member of the IChemE Clean Energy Special Interest Group and a co-opted specialist on the IFRF Council.See Karen’s related research pages here:

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