Race, Julia

Prior to starting her academic career, Julia worked in industry for over 20 years, latterly in the pipeline industry for 7 years as an integrity consultant for GE Oil and Gas. In this role, she was responsible for providing fitness-for-purpose, remaining life and corrosion assessments for onshore and offshore pipelines. She has also worked as a materials engineer in the petrochemical and power generation industries involved with the operation, maintenance and design of chemical and power plant. Her primary research interest is in the use of pipeline infrastructure to deliver pathways to Net Zero – primarily in the transportation of CO2 for CCS schemes and hydrogen as a replacement for oil and gas in the energy mix.Research topics have included material and specification requirements for CO2 and H2 pipelines, techniques for conducting Quantitative Risk Assessments, including pipeline failure frequency and consequence analysis, hydraulic network design and developing system flexibility and techno-economics and wider economy impacts. Her wider research interests include the modelling of structural damage and corrosion on structures, particularly relating to onshore and offshore energy infrastructure.

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