Pershard, Harsh

Harsh has 13 years’ experience in energy, with 8 years in low carbon energy technology consultancy. Harsh leads on CCS at InnovateUK (hitherto known as Technology Strategy Board). Before that Harsh was Principal Consultant at Element Energy Ltd and heading up Element’s activities in carbon dioxide capture, transport, storage and enhanced oil recovery. He has led analysis for the UK, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, German and Scottish Governments and their agencies, FTSE100 energy companies, technology and project developers, the Energy Technologies Institute, Committee on Climate Change, the International Energy Agency. He specialises in techno-economics, infrastructure business models and public policies for managing the transition to a low carbon economy. Harsh has been an invited speaker for more than 50 national and international energy conferences, is an invited reviewer for four energy journals and was a judge at the UCL-London Business School 2013 CleanTech Business Plan Challenge. Prior to joining Element Energy, Harsh carried out work in the venture capital sector at Library House Ltd. Harsh was a Fulbright Scholar in the University of California at Berkeley and also carried out research as a Wellcome Trust Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. Harsh holds a D.Phil. from Oxford University and a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Imperial College, London (year rank 1st). He is currently pursuing part-time an Executive MBA at the Imperial College Business School, London, where he has a scholarship.

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