Font Palma, Carolina

Dr Font Palma is Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of Chemical Engineering at the School of Engineering, University of Hull, where she works on process simulation and integration of energy systems, cryogenic separation and carbon capture technologies, and low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production. She previously worked as Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Chester. She has a PhD from the University of Manchester and post-doctoral experience in carbon capture at the University of Leeds. She has been part of various consortia involving research on oxy-combustion, cryogenic carbon capture, gas turbines and exhaust gas recirculation, and methanol synthesis. Carolina led the CO2-FROST project funded by the UKCCSRC Flexible funding 2020, and was awarded the prestigious RAEng/The Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship 2020/2021. She is currently in secondment to Uniper Hydrogen UK Ltd, funded by IDRIC. She is committee member and treasurer of the IChemE Clean Energy Special Interest Group.

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