Petit, Camille 

Dr Camille Petit is a Reader in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, which she joined in September 2013. She currently leads the Multifunctional Materials Laboratory. Her research focuses on elucidating the fundamentals of porous materials formation, structure, and chemistry to exploit them in interfacial applications, i.e. separation of molecules (incl. CO2 capture) and solar fuel production. Her work also investigates the implications of using these materials at the large-scale. Materials of interest include metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)- and nitride-based materials. Dr Petit has published > 70 peer-reviewed articles. She has one granted patent and has filed two others, all related to the development of sorbent materials.Dr Petit is the recipient of the 2020 RSC Barrer Award,  2019 Philip Leverhulme Prize in Engineering, 2019 ERC Starting Grant, the 2017 AIChE’s 35 under 35 award, the 2017 IOM3 Silver Medal and the 2015 IChemE Sir Frederick Warner medal.

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