SGN and pale blue dot collaborate on an Aberdeen hydrogen vision

SGN and Pale Blue Dot Energy are working together in collaboration with National Grid Transmission to evaluate the potential uses of an exciting new energy option that could find a natural home in the north east of Scotland.

Hydrogen provides a means to eliminate CO2 emissions from the future energy system. When it is used to make energy, the only by-products are water, and CO2 when the hydrogen is made from natural gas.

The Aberdeen Vision Project takes advantage of the Acorn Hydrogen plans which involve hydrogen production from natural gas at the St Fergus Gas Terminal, where around 35% of all UK natural gas comes onshore. This area of the north east provides a promising location for hydrogen production because of the volumes of natural gas, and because the area is currently investigating opportunities for developing carbon capture and storage infrastructure that is more than capable of dealing with the Acorn Hydrogen emissions.

The Aberdeen Vision project will evaluate co-mingling hydrogen into the gas grid and consider potential regional applications for hydrogen in heat and transport.

Angus McIntosh, Director of Energy Futures at SGN said,

“The UK gas network offers an attractive pathway to decarbonisation. At SGN we have been carrying out research and development into distribution of hydrogen both in collaboration with other networks, and directly. Our networks can potentially accept a blend of hydrogen, or be repurposed for 100% Hydrogen. Our H100 Project, is looking to construct a first of a kind network demonstration to deliver hydrogen for heat to around 300 homes.

In parallel with the R&D, it is necessary to explore the optimal way to transition to lower carbon sources of energy. We are exploring a phased approach for introduction of Hydrogen in strategic locations across the UK. As a major source into our energy Networks, St Fergus is well placed, particularly with the CCS development opportunities afforded by the Acorn Project. “

Alan James, Managing Director at Pale Blue Dot said,

“Hydrogen is a critical future fuel to enable the UK and other countries to reduce their CO2 emissions. Working with SGN provides a great opportunity to assess the potential for early adoption of the technology in Scotland. The region also has an outstanding supply chain, which is developing a leading position in hydrogen projects, positioning Scotland as a strong contender in this emerging sector”


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