Scientific council

The Scientific Council, which ran from April 2017 to January 2021, brought together Principal Investigators from ongoing and recently-finished academic UK CCS research projects, relevant research and training hubs and facility operators. It was the prime route for the UKCCSRC to engage with and coordinate the wider UK academic CCS research programme.

The activities of the Scientific Council included:

  • generating new partnerships between existing projects, with scope for use of UKCCSRC flexible research funds to deliver fast-track, added value collaborations
  • advising funders on CCS and CCUS research strategy, as the key UK academic forum
  • planning major new community-led research initiatives to access funding from the research councils and other sources

In addition the Scientific Council was a route for all UK academic research projects to link to industry and other stakeholders through the UKCCSRC’s Independent Advisory Panel (which is now the UKCCSRC’s Advisory Council) and UKCCSRC networking activities.

The Scientific Council met up to twice a year at Research Centre Biannual meetings.

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