Scientific collaboration fund winners announced

We are pleased to announce the three recipients of the September 2018 Scientific Council Collaboration Fund. This is the second Collaboration Fund that has been made available to our Scientific Council Members which is a consortium of some of the UK’s leading CCS academics. The award of up to £10,000 per project was created to promote collaborative research across UK universities. The fund is awarded by a peer reviewed vote amongst Scientific Council Members.

The projects that will receive the Collaboration Fund are as follows:

Title: Techno-economic Assessment of Methanol Production from Basic Oxygen Furnace Gas in the Steel Manufacturing


Researchers: Prof Haroun Mahgerefteh, Prof Meihong Wang, Dr Richard Porter

Title: Evaluation of Additives to Prevent/alleviate Sintering During Chemical Looping Combustion of Biomass

Researchers: Prof Hao Liu, Dr Steven Milne

Title: Exploitation of Specialised CCUS Equation of State

Researchers: Dr Ben Wetenhall, Dr Richard Graham, Dr Kumar Patchigolla

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