REX-CO2 survey on well re-use

As part of the REX-CO2 project, funded by ACT, a questionnaire has been developed seeking to collect views on the potential for re-using existing oil and gas wells for CO2 storage.

The aim of the REX-CO2 project is to increase the potential for depleted hydrocarbon fields and the associated existing well infrastructure to be reutilized for CO2 storage. Many thousands of wells have been drilled in on- and offshore regions which represent potentially valuable assets for geological CO2 storage. This will be investigated by assessing both the technical feasibility of re-using well infrastructure at hydrocarbon fields and also its economic competitiveness. The following survey has been designed for you to give your opinion on different aspects of CO2 storage. In particular you are asked to reflect on the possibility of re-using existing infrastructure for the purpose of CO2 storage in the deep subsurface.

REX-CO2 has invited a wide range of participants to complete this survey. If you are unfamiliar with the CO2 capture and storage process it may be beneficial to review this page before completing the survey.

You can complete the survey here. 

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