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Tracking the interaction between injected CO2 and reservoir fluids using noble gas isotopes in an analogue of large-scale carbon capture and storage D. Gyore, S. Gilfillan, F. Stuart Applied Geochemistry
Impact of CO2-enriched combustion air on micro-gas turbine performance for carbon capture T. Best, K N Finney, D.B. Ingham, M. Pourkashanian Energy
Can CCS and NET enable the continued use of fossil carbon fuels after COP21? S. Haszeldine Oxford Review of Economic Policy
Enhanced CO2 capture by biomass-templated Ca(OH)2-based pellets F. N. Ridha, Y. Wu, V. Manovic, A. Macchi, E.J. Anthony Chemical Engineering Journal
Performance of Coriolis flowmeters in CO2 pipelines with pre-combustion, post-combustion and oxyfuel gas mixtures in carbon capture and storage M. Nazeri, M.M. Maroto-Valer, E. Jukes International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
Simulations of CO2 storage in aquifer models with top surface morphology and transition zones S.M. Shariatipour, G. Pickup, E. Mackay International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
Expert assessment concludes negative emissions scenarios may not deliver N.E. Vaughan, C. Gough Environmental Research Letters
An engineering solution for CO2 injection in saline aquifers S.M. Shariatipour, E. Mackay, G. Pickup International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
Using oxygen isotopes to quantitatively assess residual CO2 saturation during the CO2CRC Otway Stage 2B Extension residual saturation test S. Serno, G. Johnson, T.C. LaForce, J. Ennis-King, R. R. Haese , C. J. Boreham, L. Paterson, B. M. Freifeld, P. J. Cook, D. Kirste, S. Haszeldine, S. Gilfillan International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
Inherent Tracers for Carbon Capture and Storage in Sedimentary Formations: Composition and Applications S. Flude, G. Johnson, S. Gilfillan, S. Haszeldine Environmental Science & Technology