Specialist Meeting Fund

**Applications for the second call of this fund has now closed. Please look out for future calls**

In the meantime, please see below for information on funding available and the application process involved.

As part of the UKCCSRC’s commitment to shaping capability and capacity in the UK CCS research sector, this fund is available to Academic Members to submit proposals for Specialist Topic Meetings. 

The topic of the specialist meeting must broadly align with Research Themes identified by the UKCCSRC (see Appendix 1). The Research Themes exercise has been carried out with contributions from the Academic membership and uses UK CCS projects as a foundation. Using the Research Themes to inform Specialist Meetings ensures that the topics covered are relevant to current CCS research undertaken in the UK and that research outputs and speakers are available.

All proposed meetings must be FREE to attend and open to all UKCCSRC members who wish to attend.  It is also expected that, if available, at least one speaker from each project in a Research Theme will be accommodated.   There may be a need to restrict the number of oral presentations beyond this due to time limitations but applications from all UKCCSRC Members must be invited and any necessary selections be made using objective criteria.  There should always be provision for additional poster presentations and these (and a related Powerpoint if offered) will also be placed on the meeting web page.


The UKCCSRC Secretariat will assist with:

  • Organising the venue and catering where necessary
  • Publicising on the UKCCSRC website, through its newsletter, social media channels and networks
  • Providing registration facilities through its website
  • Advice on structure and format of the day
  • Arranging speaker travel and accommodation
  • Event logistics on the day
  • Cover the cost of venue/catering and speaker travel and accommodation to a pre-agreed level based on the proposed budget
  • Publishing output (provided by you) with pictures and presentations on the UKCCSRC website (the UKCCSRC will assist with this)

Note that the relevant UKCCSRC Research Manager will take the lead in liaising with the Meeting Proposer if the proposal is successful.


As the Meeting Proposer, you will:

  • Propose the topic and justify its relevance to the Research Themes and the UK CCS research community
  • Propose an estimated budget for the costs involved
  • Identify target audience and estimated capacity
  • Provide Meeting description (background and objectives)
  • Identify and invite speakers
  • Work with UKCCSRC to identify appropriate date and venue location
  • Work with UKCCSRC to market and publicise the Meeting
  • Ensure that UKCCSRC is appropriately credited with correct branding etc in all publicity materials for the Meeting
  • Write a blog report for the UKCCSRC website within a month after the event. This needs to be a report on the proceedings of the day(s) along with any personal opinions on how it went, what the outcomes were and what the next steps might be.


Experience suggests it is advisable to have a minimum of a 6 week registration period for any meeting. We can announce meeting save the dates, programmes and launch registration via the Centre's fortnightly newsletters.

A general guide to timescales for each event would be:

  • All speakers identified – minimum 10-12 weeks before Meeting date (although it is expected that at least 50% of the speakers will be identified within your original proposal)
  • Speakers invited and Meeting programme/background text etc – 8-10 weeks before Meeting date
  • Speakers and programme confirmed, programme launch, registration open – 6-8 weeks before Meeting date
  • Close registrations – 7-10 days before Meeting date

If the above recommended timescales are not adhered to, the UKCCSRC reserves the right to cancel the Meeting.


  • Printed agenda and programme including speakers’ biographies and delegate list as a minimum – abstracts would be a bonus. The printed programme will need to contain acknowledgement of the UKCCSRC’s support and appropriate branding (the UKCCSRC can assist with this document)
  • UKCCSRC pop up banner present
  • UKCCSRC branded delegate badges


Should you wish to include International speakers in the Meeting programme, they must have a proven track record of world-class and relevant CCS research activity. The purpose of their visit should normally be twofold; to share CCS-relevant knowledge and to strengthen or establish research collaborations with UK CCS researchers. For each proposed speaker, a speaker proposal form and short CV should be attached to the meeting proposal.

Requests for support for travel should normally be based on a direct route between the overseas speakers’ home country and the UK. The UKCCSRC will normally pay the lowest available travel fares. For example, this means that low cost airlines should be used where appropriate and that only economy class fares can be reimbursed. Awards will normally cover travel, accommodation, subsistence and insurance. Costs associated with accompanying dependants or medical expenses are not normally covered under the terms of the award.


You are required to provide an estimated budget for the proposed Meeting. From past experience, a full day Meeting for approximately 30-40 participants costs between £3K-£5K. This includes travel and accommodation for approximately 6 speakers (including 1 or 2 non-UK, full catering (arrivals, two breaks and lunch) and room hire)


The following costs cannot be claimed by Specialist Meeting Proposers: administrative costs, facilitator costs, first class or business class travel, and five star accommodations. It is also normally expected the University venues are used as a first preference and that rooms will be hired at internal rates, although a case for non-University venues can be made.


Although the UKCCSRC will assist with logistics (venue/catering/travel/accommodation), it is preferred that the Meeting Proposer makes the final arrangements for these and then invoice the UKCCSRC appropriately. It is expected however that the Meeting Proposer keeps the UKCCSRC informed of costs during the process to ensure that they do not exceed the proposed budget. The UKCCSRC will not reimburse costs that were not agreed to.

A full itemised invoice of the costs incurred will need to be submitted to the UKCCSRC within 3 months of the event.


​The main contact for each successful Meeting Proposer will be the relevant Research Manager in the UKCCSRC Secretariat.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Storage - Ciara O’Connor 

Capture/Cross-cutting Issues – Emilie Brady/Steph Wright

Tel: 0131 650 8564