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The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre, for the EPSRC funding phase 2017 - 2022, is supporting a series of CCS research projects through our flexible funding programme.  

Projects funded through the 2018 call:

Principal Investigator Lead Institute Title of project
Dr Cheng-Gong Sun                                                             University of Nottingham                                      Scalable step-change carbon materials achieving high CO2 adsorption capacity and selectivity at practical flue gas temperatures for potential breakthrough cost reductions
Dr Vincenzo Spallina University of Manchester CLYCHING: CLean hYdrogen and CHemicals production via chemical loopING
Professor Haroun Mahgerefteh                             University College London Optimising Methanol Production from Steel Manufacture Off-gases
Dr Stuart Gilfillan University of Edinburgh Resolving CO2 trapping and tracking CO2 migration in the Carbon Management Canada Field Research Station, Canada, using inherent tracing tools
Professor Karen Turner Strathclyde University The Role of CCUS in Industry Clusters in Delivering Value to the Political Economy