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The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre, for the EPSRC funding phase 2017 - 2022, is supporting a series of CCS research projects led by our core research team.

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The core research has three linked themes: storage, capture and systems and policy:


The capture theme focuses on next generation CO2 capture technologies and processes, including high and low temperature solids-based cycles, and links closely to the systems work. 

The research topics within the storage theme include pressure migration and plume migration within storage reservoirs with impacts for geomechanical security, plume stability and site monitorability. 

The systems and policy theme looks at UK-wide systems,  linking demand for heat and power, energy markets, industrial demand, and CO2 transport infrastructure. The overall objective is to provide inputs into existing UK energy systems modelling. We also examine “social license to operate” for fossil-fired CCS as well as BECCS. 


The diagram below shows how the individual work packages that make up our core research programme are interlinked across the spectrum of CCS.



A1 Materials Development
A2 Pilot Testing
AC1 Bio-Energy carbon capture and storage (BECCS)
AC2 Advanced, High- Efficient Cycles Using Gas Turbines With S-COOr Direct Oxy-Fired CCGT-CCS
AC3 Detailed Models
AC4 Integration Options For Hydrogen and Clean Power Synergies
AC5 Reduced Order Models
B1 Pressure Propagation and control
B2 CO2 Migration and storage
B3 CO2 Modelling Software Assessment 
B4 Scoping / Development of a proposed CO2GeoLab
CAB1 Cross Cutting Value of CCS
CA1 BECCS Within The Energy System
CB1 Social License to Operate


Capture Projects

Storage Projects

Cross Cutting Projects