Research Groups

The UKCCSRC has formed three broad Research Groups - Capture, Cross-cutting Issues (CCI) and Storage - which are led by members of the Centre’s Coordination Group and supported by the Research Area Champions. The Research Groups have dedicated support from Research Managers (Steph Wright for Capture and CCI, Ciara O'Connor for Storage) in the UKCCSRC Secretariat. The Research Groups provide a framework to engage the Centre membership in the RAPID (Research and Pathways to Impact Delivery) process and will provide a focal point for the development of new project ideas and collaborations.
The Research Managers provide organisational support to the Research Group Leaders, including contributing to group planning, strategic activities, programme development and meeting organisation/support. They work with Research Group Leaders to co-ordinate group scientific activities, including centrally organised technical report preparation and consultation responses. They also help deliver a broad range of communications outputs to support the groups.
We envisage there will be at least two face-to-face meetings per year for each research group which will be held as part of the UKCCSRC’s bi-annual meetings. Additional meetings may be organised if needed (e.g. to support the development of future research plans etc). We will aim to notify the groups at least 6 weeks in advance of meetings.

The UKCCSRC is currently developing our website to include a searchable members’ directory, and we are also planning a secure members’ only area of the website that will include a discussion forum and virtual noticeboard with information for each research group.
Several research group meetings have already taken place this year involving Research Area Champions and Research Group Leaders and we will circulate notes from these shortly.
We welcome your ideas on how you would like the UKCCSRC to support your research group and facilitate collaborative working and cohort building.

If you have any questions about the Research Groups, please do not hesitate to contact Steph (Capture/CCI) or Ciara (Storage).


Cross-Cutting Issues