Flexible Funding 2023

The UKCCSRC’s latest Flexible Funding call closed on June 15th, 1pm.

More information about the call can be found below, as well as details of all the successful projects.

InvestigatorsTitle of projectsStart dateStatusAward issued (£ GBP)
Dr Marius Dewar, Plymouth Marine LaboratoryMonitoring Integrated Digital Support Tool – for CO2 and brine leakage detection in UK waters (MIDST-UK)1 October 2023Ongoing30,000
Professor Dawid Hanak, Teesside UniversityTechno-economic and carbon footprint assessment of advanced waste-to-energy with carbon capture and storage for East Coast Cluster1 October 2023Ongoing29,496
Dr Aliakbar Hassanpouryouzband, University of EdinburghCRYSTAL-CCS: Clathrate-Based Geological Carbon Capture and Storage1 October 2023Ongoing10,000
Dr Laura Herraiz, Heriot-Watt UniversityExploring the use of Rotary Adsorption Systems for Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS) applications1 October 2023Ongoing29,991
Dr Lee Hosking, Brunel University LondonC-WELL: CO2 injection well integrity under operational thermo-hydro-mechanical loading1 October 2023Ongoing29,979
Dr Ewa Marek, University of CambridgeUncovering the realistic potential of chemical looping ammonia production routes1 October 2023Ongoing30,000
Dr Emma Michie, University of LiverpoolFaulting in siliciclastic – carbonate sequences; an improved characterization for de-risking faulted CCS sites1 October 2023Ongoing29,356
Mohadeseh Motie, Heriot-Watt UniversityEnhanced Decision-Making in CO2 Storage Projects: A Bayesian Networks Approach for Value of Information Analysis1 October 2023Ongoing9,256
Dr Ali Nabavi, Cranfield UniversityEvaluation of the effect of flue gas impurities on performance of monolithic MOFs (m-MOFs) for carbon capture from industry sector1 October 2023Ongoing49,464
Professor Sophie L Nixon, University of ManchesterMicrobiological response to geological CO2 storage1 October 2023Ongoing49,950
Dr Abby Samson, University of SheffieldETRIC – Effective Thermal Reclaiming Integrated with Capture1 October 2023Ongoing47,716
Jiacheng Sun, University of EdinburghAn integrated strategy for long-term carbon sink and sustainable supercarpacitor material production1 October 2023Ongoing10,000
Yihuai Zhang, University of GlasgowDynamic CO2 residual trapping in carbonate rock1 October 2023Ongoing9,877


Please see below for the scope of the call, plus details on workshops supporting this funding call.

Read More: call details

UKCCSRC 2023 Flexible Funding Call – closed 15th June, 1pm

1. Scope of Call

The UKCCSRC invites proposals for CCS research projects supporting the UK Government’s net-zero objectives that address but are not limited to the following:

  • Supporting the Government’s net-zero objectives
  • Research linked to the priorities identified in the UKCCSRC industry and policy led ‘what are our research needs’ workshops
  • Research not already funded by the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre, IDRIC (see https://idric.org/research-programme/ for details of current IDRIC projects. IDRIC Wave 2 funding now confirmed and remainder to be funded through a rolling flexible funding call
  • Seed funding for a piece of work that could lead to responsive mode applications
  • Work that can be used (e.g. a feasibility study) to establish a principle / understand the challenges for a larger bid to other sources of CCS funding later. [Noting that bid preparation itself can’t be funded]
  • The following areas are considered out of scope for the UKCCSRC flexible funds: CCU projects that do not include mineralisation or equivalent in terms of storage longevity, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that does not include CCS

2. Call Process and Timeline

Key dates for the UKCCSRC 2023 Funding Call are:

  • Open for submissions: 17th April 2023
  • Closed to submissions: 15th June 2023, 1pm
  • Decisions: August 2023 (or earlier)
  • Start Dates (from): 1st September 2023
  • End Dates (no later than): 30th June 2024

3. Funding

Up to £350K is available, but the UKCCSRC Board is not obliged to allocate all these funds during this call. Proposals are expected to be either:

  • £10k (100% FEC) for small projects that could lead to bigger funding and/or collaborative work
  • £30k (100% FEC) for proposals with no additional funding
  • £50k (100% FEC) for proposals that can obtain 20% (£10k) additional (co-investment*) funding from industry or other research users such as government or regulators (i.e. not from other research funding bodies, research institutions etc.)
  • It is envisaged that £50k-£100k will be awarded to £10k projects
  • £100k is ringfenced for Early Career Researcher (ECR) applicants (those still eligible for the EPSRC New Investigators Award)

* The additional investment (in terms of eligible costs) the lead bidder and core partners intend to provide for the infrastructure and R&D activity. This pledged investment must be committed at the outset of the project.

Notes for Proposers:

  • This call is for proposals to a fixed budget amount of either £10k, £30K or up to £50k (100% FEC)
  • Costings should be submitted at 100% FEC using a SINGLE dummy JeS form and include only EPSRC-eligible costs
  • Research organisations will be paid at 80% of FEC
  • No equipment purchase expenditure will be covered but applicants can request funds at reasonable UK academic researcher rates for the use of established research facilities
  • If you are successful with your application, you will be required to complete a project agreement with Sheffield on the terms set out in one of the following two templates (one template is for projects where you are the sole project partner and the second, for where you are the lead partner in a consortium). The project details will be added into the final agreement, but no other amendments will be made to the templates. In submitting your application to us, you agree to these terms.
  • If you are successful with your application, invoices will need to be accompanied by the UKCCSRC breakdown of expenditure form

4. Eligibility

Members of all organisations eligible to receive EPSRC funding may participate in proposals, subject to them personally also meeting the EPSRC funding requirements. Note that the EPSRC’s Repeatedly Unsuccessful Applicants policy does not apply to this call. All proposals must have a UKCCSRC academic member as the Principal Investigator (see membership requirements) and individual UKCCSRC members can be PI in no more than one proposal.

UKCCSRC ECR members are also eligible to apply to this call. UKCCSRC ECR eligibility (see membership criteria) includes PhD students studying CCS and early career research staff based at UK universities that meet the (non-technical) conditions for eligibility for the EPSRC first grant scheme. See here for UKCCSRC ECR eligibility.

Application submission process and assessment criteria (on £10k and £30/50k pages)

5. Application submission process
6. Co-funding, industrial support and collaboration
7. Application assessment process

Proposals will need to be submitted via the UKCCSRC website with all relevant documentation attached (please click icons below for relevant call as these criteria are different for the £10k awards and the £30/£50k awards).

All applications must be approved at the applicants’ home institute before they are submitted to the UKCCSRC website.


£10k awards

Click here for further details and to apply for a £10k award


£30/£50k awards

Click here for further details and to apply for a £30/£50k award

8. Expected grant duration

Grants will be expected to run for a period from 3 months up to a maximum of 9 months.

All approved proposals should be able to start no later than 1st October 2023.  Any grants that are not making progress as planned by this date, or at any time subsequently, will have their funding allocation reviewed and may be withdrawn.

All approved proposals must end by 30th June 2024 in order to meet the objectives of the funding call. There will be no extensions past this point under any circumstances.

9. Additional documentation 

UKCCSRC Equality Impact Assessment Form


If you have any questions about the UKCCSRC 2023 Funding Call please get in touch with Carys Blunt, Centre and Finance Manager on carys@ukccsrc.ac.uk or 0114 2157228.

The PI and Co-Is of the UKCCSRC grant are not acting as contact points for this call and will not be involved in the handling or review of received applications.

Workshops supporting this call

‘What are our research needs’ workshops led by UK industry and policy makers hosted by UKCCSRC

The UKCCSRC hosted a series of workshops 31 January – 3 February 2022: UK academics who wish to apply to this fund may find it useful to note the key UK research needs identified and published following the workshops here. The aim of these workshops was to identify some of the key CCS research needs in conjunction with UK industry, regulators and policymakers, so that future research can support these needs.

You can see the identified research needs (plus video recordings and slides, where we have permission to share) from these workshops here.

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