Flexible Funding

The UKCCSRC has regularly run flexible funding calls since it began in 2012.  There were two calls with 27 projects funded in the 2012-2017 grant, and three calls with 24 projects funded in the 2017-2022 grant.

In our 2021-2025 Network+ grant, the UKCCSRC has a £1M budget for the flexible funding of fast-track CCS research projects supporting the UK Government’s net-zero objectives.  These projects translate good ideas into rapid research and impact, reacting to the latest research priorities and opportunities. By providing rapid seed-corn funding for new topics and new people, they also are an excellent way to broaden and grow the CCS research community.

Flexible Funding calls are open access to all UK academics and independent expert review, expanding participation in CCS and delivering immediate impact for wealth creation and/or achieving rapid growth in new areas for future cost reduction, jobs and net-zero delivery.

Our Flexible Funding 2023 call will open in March 2023 – watch this space, your inboxes and social media for more information!

Flexible Funding Calls 2022-2025


Flexible Funding 2022 call

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