Core Research Projects: Capture, A2b – Pilot testing #2


Key facts about this core research project

Theme: Capture
Researcher: Prof Ben Anthony, Dr Peter Clough, Prof Vasilije Manovic
Institution: Cranfield University
Start date: 2017

What is this research investigating?

This  research will investigate the use of CO2 capture and oxygen carrying materials within Cranfield University’s state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities. These materials will be manufactured at the kilogram scale in collaboration with our partners. We are aiming to study the structural properties of the particles and look at their particle breakage mechanisms when fluidised under realistic operating conditions.

Cranfield University will use its extensive pilot plant facilities to demonstrate the use of unconventional sorbents and oxygen carriers, including chemical looping materials developed in the research project A1b (though not pressurised in this work). Systems to be tested will include pelletised sorbents and carriers using CaO and other binders. These sorbents and carriers will be manufactured at Cranfield at the kg level to permit them to be used in more realistic tests of novel high temperature cycles. The facilities available include the 50 kW CLC facility, and the 20 kW Ca Looping rig, as well as a series of smaller scale test facilities. Carriers investigated will include those for oxy-uncoupling as well as for CO2 capture with biomass in BECCS configurations.

What does the research hope to achieve?

Work from the research projects A1, A2 (both this and the Pilot Testing #1 project) and AC1 and AC2 will actively feed forward into the modelling work in AC3 and AC5, which are closely linked to the modelling work that will be carried out under the theme of combined capture and systems.

Research updates

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September 2019 Conference presentation

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Research outputs

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Chemical Engineering Research and Design

Investigation of the apparent kinetics of air and oxy-fuel biomass combustion in a spout fluidised-bed reactor


Energy & Environmental Science

Enhanced hydrogen production from thermochemical processes


Applied Energy

Scale-up challenges and opportunities for carbon capture by oxy-fuel circulating fluidized beds


Applied Energy

Pilot testing of enhanced sorbents for calcium looping with cement production


Journal of visualized experiments

Operation of a 25 KWth Calcium Looping Pilot-plant with High Oxygen Concentrations in the Calciner