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For a wide adoption of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, it is essential to provide a commercial operator with a reassurance of the predictability of their proposed site for CO2 storage through geochemical monitoring techniques. This is particular important for assessing residual and solubility trapping, which are more...

Principal investigator(s): 
S. Gilfillan
Lead institution: 
University of Edinburgh

Project overview

We combine pore scale digital rock physics, reservoir condition special core analysis, and reservoir simulation to evaluate the performance of CO2 storage for the major target storage regions of the UK.

Key objectives:

  • Develop a dataset of relative permeability and residual trapping for major storage targets in
  • ...
Principal investigator(s): 
S. Krevor
Lead institution: 
Imperial College London


Highly-depleted gas fields represent prime potential targets for large-scale storage of captured CO2 emitted from industrial sources and fossil-fuel power plants. Given the potentially low reservoir pressures as well as the unique thermodynamic properties of CO2, especially in the presence of the various stream impurities, the injection process...

Principal investigator(s): 
H. Mahgerefteh
Lead institution: 
University College London