Vapour-liquid equilibrium data for the hydrogen sulphide (H2S)+carbon dioxide (CO2) system at temperatures from 258 to 313K

From the design of acid injection scheme to the impact of hydrogen sulphide in CCS scheme, knowledge of the phase behaviour of the hydrogen sulphide+carbon dioxide is essential. In this communication, new isothermal vapour-liquid equilibrium measurements for the binary system H2S-CO2 have been conducted at 258.41K, 273.15K, 293.47K and 313.02K in the pressure range from 1.0 to 5.5MPa. The experimental method used in this work is of the static-analytic type, taking advantage of two magnetic capillary samplers (Rolsi™, Armines’ Patent) developed in the CTP laboratory. This experimental method allows the sampling in both liquid and vapour phases and their analysis by GC. The data were obtained with uncertainties within ±0.02K, ±0.002MPa, and 0.006 for molar compositions. It is demonstrated that both the Peng-Robinson (PR) equation of state (classical or the P-PR78 version) or the Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) equation of state combined with the classical mixing rule and appropriate binary interaction parameters were able to satisfactorily describe the phase behaviour of the H2S-CO2 binary systems.