Towards large-scale co-production of electricity and hydrogen via decarbonisation of fossil fuels combined with CCS (geological storage)

This paper deals with recent assessments and results of the EU-based DYNAMIS 1 project, which – since March 2006 – has been investigating decarbonisation of fossil fuels (bituminous coal, lignite and natural gas), with the inclusion of carbon capture and geological storage of the CO2 (CCS). The project was established by leading European RTD providers and industries, and sponsored by the European Commission under its 6th Framework Programme. Main deliverables of the DYNAMIS project comprise pre-engineering studies and a subset of recommendations to the European Commission with regards to its HYPOGEN Demonstrator Programme. According to prerequisites established by the European Commission, the HYPOGEN Demonstrator is planned to offer electricity, hydrogen and CO2 at large scale – scheduled for commercial operations to commence by 2012–2015.