Study on multi-objective optimization of load dispatch including renewable energy and CCS technologies

This paper mainly studies the multi-objective optimization of load dispatch of power systems including renewable energy and CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technologies. The improved environmental/economic load dispatch model for the power system is constructed, considering the renewable energy utilization and CCS technologies. A novel singular weighted method (SWM) has been proposed in this paper for solving this kind of multi-objective and multi-constraint optimization problem. A power system with five generators has been applied in one case study to test the model and SWM. It was concluded that the share that each unit takes is not linear; however, the optimal results are largely relevant to the characteristics of the units. In addition, the research results showed that with the increment of the weight coefficient for a certain objective function, the optimization result was closer to the single optimization result for that objective function; and with the increase of forecast demand load, a 35?MW wind energy unit and a 200?MW water energy unit should be built.