CO(2)GeoNet – An EC-funded “Network of Excellence” to study the geological storage of CO2

The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)- 2002-2006 – is the European Unions’ main instrument for research funding in Europe. FP6 serves two main strategic objectives: to strengthen the scientific and technological bases of industry and to improve competitiveness and innovation in Europe through the promotion of increased co-operation and improved coordination between relevant actors at all levels. Within FP6, the Network of Excellence (NoE) instrument was developed to strengthen excellence on a particular research topic by tackling the fragmentation of European research. One Such NoE, formed in 2004, is CO(2)GeoNet, which is made tip of 13 research organizations from across Europe who have extensive experience and expertise in the Study of the geological storage of M. The principle goal of this consortium is to contribute to and form a durable integration of research into CO2 geological storage, in the European Research Area, as a means of mitigating anthropogenic mass loading of this greenhouse gas to the atmosphere and ocean, while there is continued use of fossil fuels.