Alkane Energy – Applied Carbon Mitigation Technology

Alkane Energy grew from an idea conceived in 1994 to become a leading European player in the design, construction and operation of climate change mitigation and carbon capture plants. The company recovers emissions of methane from abandoned and operating coal mines for renewable electricity generation in the UK and Germany. In 2007, Alkane made an adjusted profit of £1,343,000 on revenue of £4,270,000 from 8 coal mine methane powered plants with an installed capacity of 20MW in the UK and Germany. In the same period, Alkane’s plants generated a record 80 million KWh of electricity and mitigated atmospheric methane emissions equivalent to about 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. In the first 6 months of 2008, Alkane’s plants produced a record 39 million KWh of electricity emissions of this potent greenhouse gas. An independent study has identified a pipeline of more than 25 sites with potential for future development in the UK. Our associate company in Germany, Pro2 Anlagentechnik, which manufactures, operates and maintains methane capture and renewable electricity generation plants. It services more than 400 containerised power generation plants in 17 countries using anthropogenic methane from coal mines, biogas plants, landfills and digesters.