UK CO2 Storage Appraisal Project (UKSAP) – Realistic, defensible & fully auditable assessment of potential CO2 storage capacity in the UK

●Produced the UK’s first CO2 storage appraisal database

● Allows for more informed decisions on the economics of storage opportunities

● Licensed to The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey (BGS) and publically available under the brand of CO2 Stored

ETI have agreed a licence with The Crown Estate and the BGS to host and further develop the online database of mapped UK offshore carbon dioxide storage capacity produced by UKSAP.

This £4m project was delivered by a consortium of project partners from across academia and industry – Senergy Alternative Energy Ltd, BGS, the Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage (University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University), Durham University, GeoPressure Technology Ltd, Geospatial Research Ltd, Imperial College London, RPS Energy and Element Energy Ltd.

This is now publically available under the name of CO2 Stored. It can be accessed via

The web-enabled database – the first of its type anywhere in the world – contains geological data, storage estimates, risk assessments and economics of nearly 600 potential CO2 storage units of depleted oil and gas reservoirs, and saline aquifers around the UK. It enables interested stakeholders to access information about the storage resource and to make more informed decisions related to the roll out of CCS in the UK.