Performance of Flow Meters with Dense Phase CO2 and CCS Recovery Streams

Project overview

Captured carbon dioxide(CO2) from CCS operations needs to be transported to the storage location. Metering of the flow could be challenging due to the presence of impurities as well as unusual physical properties of the CO2 with impurities. The metering accuracy must be within the range of ±1.5% by mass according to the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) regulations. However, no investigations have been performed to evaluate the performance of flowmeters with pressurized CO2 at operational CCS conditions.

Aim and Objectives

The goal of project is to investigate the performance of Coriolis mass flowmeter with high CO2 content mixtures.

Specific objectives of the project include:

  • To study the effect of impurities on the accuracy of the Coriolis flow meter.
  • To investigate the performance of Coriolis flow meter at conditions likely to happen in the CCS operations.
  • Evaluation of costs for the deployment of Coriolis flow meter in CCS operations.

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