Novel Multi-functional Membrane Reactors for Energy Conversion and CO2 Capture via Pre-combustion Decarbonisation Route

Innovative solutions are required to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy production processes. Here, we propose to develop a multi-functional membrane reactor using innovative methods to produce two different novel catalytic hollow fibre membranes consisting of an outer separation layer integrated with inner porous substrate where an appropriate catalyst is deposited. The separation layers of the two membranes are permeable to oxygen and hydrogen, respectively. Under reaction conditions methane as fuel will be fed to inner surface of the oxygen permeable membrane and air to the outer surface. Oxygen transport across the membrane will react with methane resulting in syngas production on the partial oxidation catalyst deposited on the inner porous support of the membrane. The resultant products, i.e. CO and H2 are then mixed with steam and fed into the inner surface (deposited with a water-gas-shift (WGS) catalyst) of the hydrogen permeable membrane where both the WGS reaction and H2 permeation take place simultaneously, resulting in a pure H2 permeated stream and a CO2 enriched retentate stream, which is ready for sequestration.