Novel Materials and Reforming Process Route for the Production of Ready-Separated CO2/N2/H2 from Natural Gas Feedstocks

Large reserves of shale gas and unconventional gases worldwide will ensure that hydrogen remains produced mainly via the catalytic steam reforming process (C-SR) for the next few decades. In conventional C-SR, the most energy intensive step is the production of syngas (CO+H2) in the primary reformer which relies on fired heaters in large scale furnaces. SR plants need to be enormous in order to be economical due to syngas production stage and H2 purification steps.

Aims of the project

Reduce energy and materials demand for the conversion of natural gases to high purity H2, CO2 and N2 using chemical looping steam reforming with ‘sorption enhanced’ in situ calcium gased CO2 capture (SE-CLSR), thus making theconversion process economical at scales easily integrated strategic industries and distributed sources of gas feedstocks.

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