NEXTGENPOWER (Meeting the Materials and Manufacturing Challenge for Ultra High Efficiency PF Power Plants with CCS)

Carbon Capture and Sequestration has become an important technology to comply with the CO2 reduction targets set by the EC. However CCS has the drawback that the electrical efficiency of the coal fired power plant will drop significantly. To overcome this drawback, one has to increase the base efficiency of the power plant or increase the biomass co-firing share as this is a CO2 neutral energy source. Increasing the base efficiency of new plants or increasing the share of biomass are both limited due to quality of the present available coatings and materials. The presently used materials in the boiler, interconnecting pipework and steam turbine can not withstand operating temperatures higher than 620°C. Live steam temperatures higher than 750°C are needed to compensate the efficiency loss caused by CCS and achieve a net efficiency of 45%.

NEXTGENPOWER is a unique integrated project as it will demonstrate new alloys and coatings in boiler, turbine and the interconnecting pipework, which can be integrated in existing and new power plants. This proposal is aimed at the highest priority challenges for new plants and will focus on selecting and demonstrating precipitated hardened Ni alloys, and advanced protective coatings. The challenges for NEXTGENPOWER are to demonstrate that we can: overcome the limited creep and fatigue properties of state-of-the-art materials, overcome boiler fireside corrosion of high temperature parts, overcome steam-side oxidation and non-allowable thermal cycling stresses of the interconnecting pipe work using Ni alloys, manufacture steam turbine components in precipitation hardened Ni alloy steam turbine parts.