Multi-scale evaluation of advanced technologies for capturing the CO2: chemical looping applied to solid fuels.

Chemical looping combustion is one way of using a solid fuel such as coal, which is able to capture the CO2 without the energy penalty usually associated with carbon capture. However, this is a relatively new technology, and its application on a full scale system is relatively risky, due to uncertainties in the potential performance, overall cost and robustness of the system. Here this is addressed in a systematic, multiscale approach, which considers the detailed behaviour of the solid oxygen carriers, through to the systems level integration into a power station and energy grid. Another objective is to share knowledge and build a sustainable collaboration between the Chinese and UK groups, and enhance post-graduate training in this field. Consequently, the proposal is based around project studentships (7 in total, 2 at CU, 1 at SU, 1 at IC, 2 at TU and 1 at SE). Students will be exchanged between the UK and Chinese groups for extended periods, and will work as embedded researchers, benefiting from the experience of the hosting group and PI, and facilitating knowledge transfer between the groups.