Mineralisation of CO2 from waste incineration energy generation by use of ammonia and other hydroxides

This 10-month feasibility project seeks to determine a highly novel & desirable method by which captured CO2 may be converted to value products via a mineralisation process utilising a hazardous compound found in landfill leachate; ammonia. A combination of waste materials from the waste incineration energy generation sector will be used to abate CO2, reduce landfill leachate issues & generate a selection of commodity products for the chemical, food and agricultural sectors. Key objectives of this research include the design & development of a suitable ammonia extraction route, modification of laboratory plant, characterisation and profiling of the reaction, quantification of CO2 conversion potential & commercial assessment of future scale-up requirements. The consortium comprise specialist chemistry R&D company, Carbon Sequestration Ltd and waste management and recycling operator, Viridor Waste Management Ltd.