Measurement of Water Solubility Limits of CO2 Mixtures to Underpin the Safe Pipeline Transportation of CO2

Monitoring the composition of mixtures which are of relevance to Carbon Capture and Storage pipelines is of high importance for the safe transportation of CO2 during the CCS process. Captured CO2 will contain varying amounts of impurities such as N2, H2, O2 and H2O. These are components which greatly affect the phase behaviour of the captured CO2. Being able to quantifiably monitor the composition and components of CCS-relevant mixtures is key for (i) safety; (ii) determining standard operating conditions.

This project, incorporating several novel techniques, have been used to measure:

  • The phase behaviour and thermodynamic properties of CO2 containing varying amounts of impurities in order to improve or validate existing models of CCS relevant gas mixtures.
  • The solubility of water in impure CO2 CCS mixtures.

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