Gas quality assurance in an industrial CCS cluster

The capture and storage of carbon dioxide from energy intensive industries is vital to their long term viability in the UK. CCS from large single point emitters will be effected by means of CCS “clusters” in which several producers send their carbon dioxide via a pipeline network or cluster into a common pipeline and storage infrastructure. Differing industries will contribute minor levels of particular impurities (e.g. water, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen) with their carbon dioxide exports & it is known that small levels of such inpurities will cause significant changes to the fluid and thermodynamic behaviour of carbon dioxide, with profound implications for the design and operation of the system. Industry practice for analysing carbon dioxide quality is not fast enough nor sufficiently discriminating with respect to the types of contaminants that will occur if adequate cluster system protection is to be asssured. This project identifies appropriate techniques to overcome these problems.