Development of postcombustion CO2 capture with CaO in a large testing facility: CaOling

This project is aiming at the scaling-up of one of the most promising concepts for CO2 capture from coal power plants: postcombustion carbonate looping systems. This project focuses on the experimental pilot testing and scaling up of the process at scales in the 1 MW range.

The 1 Mw carbonate looping pilot will be built in the Hunosa 50 Mwe CFB coal power plant of La Pereda, using a side stream of flue gases of the commercial plant. A parallel research program will be developed along the activities to design, build and test at the pilot, including research activities at lab-scale and fundamental knowledge on sorbent properties. This program will be developed by the scientific leaders in the development of this technology worldwide, and will help with the design of the pilot to a better understand of the results.

The scope of this project is the necessary step towards a possible pre-industrial demo plant (10s of Mw scale).This is clearly in line with the expected level of development for this technology outlined in the European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants and also with wider targets to accelerate the development of breaktrough technologies for CO2 capture under the EU Strategic Enegy Technology Plan.